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About Electrum Capital

Electrum Capital is an entity that helps beginners and people who aren't tech savvy get into the cryptocurrency market, buy, sell and trade Bitcoins as well as giving their clients and subscribers the latest news, updates, prices and developments from the world of digital currencies.  We help our clients set up their digital wallets, buy Bitcoins and other tokens, guide them through the maze of trading, and advise on which cryptocurrencies to buy and hold as well as which to avoid.


A:  The original Bitcoin code was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto under MIT open source credentials in 2008. Bitcoin is the first successful digital currency designed with trust in cryptography over central authorities. Satoshi left the Bitcoin code in the hands of developers and the community in 2010. Thus far hundreds of developers have added to the core code throughout the years.

A:  Bitcoin mining refers to the mining of gold, but its digital form. Bitcoin mining provides a reward for miners by paying out in Bitcoin in turn the miners confirm transactions on the blockchain. Miners introduce new Bitcoin into the network and also secure the system with transaction confirmation. They are also rewarded network fees for when they harvest new coin and a time when the last bitcoin is found mining will continue.

A:  Bitcoins can be bought from various sources although there is a risk if you don't know who you're buying from. Buying Bitcoins using Electrum Capital's services is a safe and reliable way of getting your Bitcoins delivered straight to your digital wallet.

A:  Bitcoin is a network operating by the three fundamental principles of technological freedom: Decentralization, Open Source code, and true Peer-to-Peer technology. Bitcoin’s trust is based on the subjective valuations of human faith in mathematical algorithms, encryption and numbers. With the three pillars of technological principles Bitcoin’s blockchain is a peer-reviewed system of integrity.

A:  Bitcoin is legal in most jurisdictions in the world but there are a small number nation states that have banned its use, such as Ecuador. Wikipedia has a great guide on how Bitcoin is treated in all the countries around the world and explains regulatory policies surrounding it. Regulations vary from one border to the next so you should always research your location’s laws before participating in the network.

We help our clients buy Bitcoins as well as set up their digital wallets, exchange accounts and advise on which cryptocurrencies to buy and hold as well as which ones to avoid. We take a 3.5% management fee when buying Bitcoins and a 5% commission on all gains made each month during active trading on all tokens bought.