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Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is money digitization. It became the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network for using without any central authority or middlemen. In a nutshell, bitcoin is the money for Internet. Its original purpose is providing all people with universal currency for different operations. Bitcoin can also be described as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence.

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Simple Steps to Get Started

Download a Wallet

Download an app like Exodus or create a wallet on Blockchain.info which allows you to send, receive and store Bitcoins. There are many wallets across various platforms so if you're unsure, let us know and we'll advise on which ones best suit you.

Deposit Into Our Account

Once your wallet is downloaded and activated you can start buying Bitcoins! We'll then give you the bank deposit details for our account. When making the payment it's very important to only use the reference information we give you.

We Send You Bitcoins

Once receiving your payment, we then buy your Bitcoins and send them to your wallet via the wallet's unique address. You can then choose to either store, trade or exchange your Bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies or digital tokens.

BTC calculator:

btc =

BTC price:

1 BTC = 7451.30000 USD
1 BTC = 6740.71000 EUR
1 BTC = 152.160000 LTC
1 BTC = 47.9200000 ETH
1 BTC = 810843.8700 JPY
1 BTC = 5792.58000 GBP
1 BTC = 7672.26000 CHF
1 BTC = 10993.0800 AUD
1 BTC = 9833.80000 CAD
1 BTC = 25239.6000 BGN
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Powered by Crytptocurrency All-in-One Data by CryptoCompare API

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